Want to Be Single and Happy Living Your Life Your Way?


Want to be single and happy living your life your way?

When you live with a partner you always make compromises. It goes with the territory, right?

When you live by yourself you get to do everything your way-at least as far as your living arrangements and activities go. Sure, at work and play you will want to compromise to keep everyone happy-you included.

Ah but when you get home to your own private space you get to be you in all your glory. You can sing and dance in the middle of the night and sleep any time you want, right?

So who are you when you live on your own-your way? Do you take care of things and yourself?

When you live on your own do you eat well and get enough exercise and sleep? Do you keep things organized or scattered about?

How do you decide how to live on your own? With no one to remind you what must get done and when, how do you stay on track?

Do you stay on track?

Regardless of whether you live alone or with another person you need to love yourself. No one will ever care as much about your well being as you. No one has the same vested interest in how your life goes as you.

I never really understood single people who say they are not motivated to cook nice complete meals, or even gourmet meals, just for themselves. They say it is just too much trouble.

Who could be more important than you?

You deserve the best of everything all the time–not just when you are with others. You count. You matter.

Take care of you first. Self care leads to the most important love in the world-Self love. In turn that leads to happiness. To live in happiness, love yourself so much that your life is terrific every automatically. It just happens that way.

Here’s to you! Celebrate something about you every day-even if you do it all by yourself! You are worth it.

Warning: Do not neglect the above exercise! Be sure to take this advice seriously if you want to create your dream relationship and live in happiness.


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